On the one hand I applaud Deezer for offering up such diverse music in “Flow” (essentially a “recommended for you” mix) but on the other hand some of the choices have been weird, to put it mildly.

So that ride yesterday was something. My legs are still completely empty. Walked the dogs this morning and a small incline over 300 m was enough to make them hurt. I might actually get sore legs tomorrow. Haven’t had that in years.

Essentially a whisky run

This ride turned out harder than expected but it was still fun for a number of reasons:
1. My stamina is improving. Not only did I survive an unplanned and slightly sketchy climb on a largely unused fire road after I took a wrong turn, I later also managed to hold a 46+13 gearing and ~ 89 rpm on a flat paved road with a headwind for 8 km.
2. Planning the trip, Komoot added two pieces of trail to the ride that I didn’t know about. One really nice and flowy part of forest singletrack and one ascent that I always wondered about when taking my regular route through the Mattheiser Wald; it looked too overgrown to ride on my gravel bike but is actually an almost mellow ascent but for the loose gravel.
3. One of my goals was to buy a bottle of whisky because I’ve been out of that particular one for a while. I managed to snag a bottle, so carrying my insanely heavy lock with me for this tour was worth it after all.
4. Still not happy with the way I carry my Fujifilm X70 with me on rides but very much happy I brought it. The photo files are so much more flexible than what my iPhone offers, even when shooting RAW.

A quick recommendation for people interested in gravel cycling.
Katherine Moore works for the Global Cycling Network and pops up in front of the camera not nearly enough but she has an infectious enthusiasm and her writing style is great: katherinebikes.com

Lunch break at the former Landesgartenschaugelände in Trier. 55D5BF51-2FC4-4B00-8C97-47121D20D3B3.jpg

Trier is currently experiencing the first instance of consistent rain in weeks. I’m very happy about it and plants and animals will be, too.

Got stung by a bee about 10 km into today’s ride. Poor thing flew into my right shorts leg, panicked immediately and stung the inside of my thigh. Just arrived back home and noticed that the stinger was still in there. That’s no way to go.

I hate my brain sometimes.
Looked at a bag on a site just now, thought I should read up on it a bit, and without thinking correctly typed the URL of the manufacturer that I only visited twice in the past. Ugh.

My friend Julie is an avid cyclist and she names her bikes. I thought it was time to do the same and my brain immediately went to the silliest option:
The titanium gravel bike is now called “Battle Cat” and the black-anodised aluminium commuter bike listens to “Panthor”.

With the Stickermule marketplace defunct, does anyone know of a source for high quality sticker from independent artists? Or has Redbubble improved their quality in any meaningful way?

Bicycle vanity (or: the 90s want their anodised parts back)

I think my gravel bike is finally complete. I had a perfectly good stem and stem cap on the bike before but for some reason I didn’t like the diameter of the stem tube in relation to the diameter of the seat post. It didn’t look right. So… I replaced it with the “Tune Geiles Teil 4.0” stem and a CNC-machined Tune stem cap that matches the colour of the Chris King headset quite well.

Super bling Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 and a red CNC-machined Tune stem cap

I think I’ve gone a little bit crazy with the red anodized parts on this bike but then again, I love how it looks and if I’m perfectly honest, yes, the bike has to ride well but I also have to like looking at it.

All while installing these parts and doing a few other bits of maintenance on the bike, I couldn’t get this song out of my head. 🎶 🚵‍♂️

Lunch (bottom to top): Toast, mayonnaise, tomato slices, avocado cream, halloumi cheese, fried egg, barbecue sauce, toast. CB287EA5-DB94-4078-91E8-C1DB96E182A2.jpg

Wieder eine sehr gute Folge „Der Tag“. Ich teile Josef Bramls Einschätzungen zum modus operandi der USA und der Situation in Nord Korea/Iran uneingeschränkt.

I love this furry monster so much. She’s a total pillow dog and loves having something soft to rest her head on. This comes in handy quite often because we can signal to her that she can rest at a place we’re currently at. C4133B7D-CDE5-4DA2-8C43-6B9E82031C23.jpg

First proper outing with the gravel bike in a couple of weeks. Not an easy ride with temperatures already above 25°C at 0900 but I managed to set a new personal best for a rather gruelling climb. 🚴🏻‍♂️ D284B8CB-8E34-4E21-98C7-9A23D344C778.jpg

I really cannot say enough good things about the Campfire Andromeda earphones. So well made, such an amazing sound, and so easy to drive.
They deliver as good a sound using the Apple Lightning/USB-C dongles as they do when attached to a good portable DAC/amp.

This week’s “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” segment was absolutely delightful. youtu.be/7oWSZ2goY…

Just made the realisation that Shimano Ultegra R8000 shifting performance > SRAM NX Eagle shifting performance. By quite a margin, too. Judged on its own the NX Eagle shifts impressively well. Now I’m kind of curious how much better SRAM’s high-end group sets shift.

The left pedal’s spindle showed more wear than the right one and didn’t have enough grease in the body. Hopefully, having disassembled, cleaned, copiously lubricated, reassembled, and adjusted them, these pedals will still last me many KMs. Now my gravel bike has red shoes. 👠 😜 CE5DADDA-D90C-4359-8966-B82A08A57F2C.jpg E1BA71C0-F922-4849-89DA-7574A7BB64F2.jpg 604E70AB-0CE9-44CE-B4D3-F2E5B43E374C.jpg

About to disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble this used pair of HT D1 pedals I bought as a replacement for the ones that I moved from my gravel bike to my new commuter bike. They’re in a worse state than the seller specified and I hope there are no bad surprises waiting.

Any idea if there’s a way to use an iPad as the display for a Raspberry Pi 4 with a wired connection instead of a VNC? I’m curious if there’s a way to recreate something like the defunct Kangaroo Mobile Desktop.

Just thought fondly of my old Compaq iPaq H3670 PDA with its transflective display that was easily readable even in bright sunlight and then I remembered that it didn’t have flash storage and back then we didn’t have USB power banks. The ever present fear of losing your data. 🙃

Went to watch „X-Men: Dark Phoenix“ yesterday evening. Overall good movie, quite enjoyable, with good effects, and I appreciated that they took more time to dwell on Xavier‘s guilt and Jean‘s struggle. Not sure about the villains, though, they didn’t really do it for me. 🍿

Had to send in my Fujifilm X-Pro2. I noticed during the vacation in Norway that the eye relief which is supposed to stay in place had become movable and at one point it partially detached itself. I know it’s in good hands and will be repaired but I still miss having the camera here, I rarely leave the flat without it.

I absolutely love the Butterfly keyboard switches Apple has put into the MacBook Pros and the iPad Smart Keyboard Covers. So amazing to type on and such a positive feedback. Too bad the one in the MacBooks are so absolutely easy to gunk up.