Der Begriff „Apothekenpreise“ sollte durch „Tankstellenpreise“ abgelöst werden. Ich wollte gestern auf der Heimfahrt eine Red Bull Simply Cola kaufen und an zwei Tankstellen war der Preis für eine 250 ml-Dose € 3,99. im Supermarkt kostet es normalerweise ~ € 1,29.

🎵Eine Zugfahrt die ist lustig, eine Zugfahrt die ist schön.🎵 Kaum zu fassen, aber der ICE von Hamburg nach Frankfurt am Main am vergangenen Sonntagnachmittag war auf ganzer Strecke pünktlich. 📷

I find it so disappointing that there doesn‘t seem to be a) Google Earth Pro for iOS and b) no other good app for iOS to plan a trip that allows saving in a format like KMZ with meta data.

Does anyone know of a USB-C hub that has 2+ USB-C ports and supports charging? I don‘t need USB-A ports, a card reader or anything else. I cannot find anything like it.

Also das WLAN im Zug ist zwar da aber die Verbindung zum Internet nicht. Selbst meine mobile Datenverbindung ist mehr weg als da. Oh Mann.

Ich sitze im ICE 925 von Hamburg nach Frankfurt am Main und das WLAN im Zug heißt „WIFIonICE“ und ja, ich habe gekichert.

Ok, so these DT Swiss CR1600 wheels that Canyon spec’d on my old and Inflite AL can take a lot more punishment than I would’ve given them credit for. Really amazing value.

Season 8, episode 4 of Game of Thrones was as heart wrenching and foreboding as I expected it to be. I worry for the last two episodes. Holy shit.

Handed in my wheels a couple of days back for truing because the front wheel felt wonky after my last long ride. Turns out the wheels are fine but the front tyre’s mantle might be torn on the inside and needs replacing soon. Ah well, at least the wheel is fine.

I need to visit England again. This is finally empty and that’s a bad state of things.

When the coffee you make at home is miles better than almost anything you get outside. 😔

It boggles the mind how high the stakes seem to be for this upcoming WWDC. My own needs might be colouring my perception but I think this event will determine whether Apple‘s tablets are going to become (almost) as capable as Windows tablets and more than just companion devices.

I always love when this song comes up in shuffle: No Diggity — Blackstreet, Dr. Dre & Queen Pen

Late afternoon vibes. I love it when the light is so harsh sometimes. 📷

Bijou has already accepted the new couch on the loggia (sound on). 🐕

It’s been almost a day since I saw the latest Game of Thrones episode and I might have to rewatch it. What a rollercoaster it was and damn, I loved that decisive moment. So fitting an act by my favourite character.

Spent the last ~ 1.25 hours watching Game of Thrones, season 8 episode 3. It was spectacular TV, heartbreaking, rewarding, and utterly emotionally draining. Holy crap.

Ich möchte jeden freundlich an die Existenz dieses Liedes erinnern: song.link/i/1156098…

Sports in the morning

So here’s a rather disappointing thing I learned about myself recently:
Attempting to do medium to hard cardio efforts cycling or running in the morning with a total calorie expenditure of 1,000+ will leave me tired all day and cause me to have to drink more coffee or strong tea than usual to stay awake and concentrated.
Doing a longer and hard set of high intensity interval training (bodyweight or with weights) between 500 to 1,200 calories will leave me physically exhausted and my muscles burning but awake and refreshed.
I consider this unfortunate because I love cycling in the mornings, setting out right before sunrise and cycling somewhere interesting.

I‘m sure that others have made this connection before me but after so many movies, I just realised that Thor is pretty much a male Sailor Moon with the way his clothes, his hair, and even his beard transforms when he summons Mjölnir/Storm Breaker sometimes.

Just watched “Avengers: Endgame”. Holy shit. Worthy ending to an era.

Jo. Fahrradflohmarkt bei Regen. Doof.

My iPhone just autocorrected my mistyping of “mal alle” to “Malala” and that somehow made me happy.

What a ride. Took a wrong turn in the forest and lost a lot of energy slogging uphill on 2 km of loose gravel the size of my thumb, feeling like I was going to face-plant at any moment. Great vistas and all but I had to take the bus up the last hill back home; I was spent. 📷🚴🏻‍♂️

Ok, these look interesting specifically for the off road mapping features: bikerumor.com/2019/04/2… Sadly, the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt I’m using is crap for navigation and it’s even worse off road.