Mika is such a gentle dog. She’s afraid of rivers and streams. While Bijou drank heartily from a stream on yesterday’s hike, I fetched water in a bowl for Mika who waited a good 10 m from the stream. She drank her fill and when she was done, gave me a “thank you” lick on my hand.

It’s become increasingly clear to me, using my X-Pro2 with the XF23mmF1.4 (my favourite), that if Fujifilm were to release a X100F successor with a slightly better lens (f/2 or just better sharpness at close distances) and weather resistance (!), I would purchase it instantly.

Has anyone seen this kind of behaviour?
iPhone 7+ with a new Apple-installed battery (100% health) set down at 01:00 in Energy Saver Mode at 85% charge. Woke up at 09:30 to find the battery at 15% charge. No info on runaway processes during that time and no apparent data usage.

Wie war das? Unser Geruchssinn hat eine direktere Verbindung zum Gedächtniszentrum des Gehirns als die anderen Sinne? Denn als ich eben eine Grünkernbratlingmischung für vegetarische Burger angesetzt habe, hat es mich gedanklich zurück zum Küchendienst im Kindergarten versetzt.

Turns out, Chuck the coworking space dog is a very patient photo subject. This anthropomorphization par excellence, I know, but he looks so pensive in these pictures.


“Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” with something I really didn’t know about lesbians. 💍🤯😂

Hint: Amber Ruffin and Henny Hagel are excellent, as always.

I do enjoy it a lot when I reach my daily calorie goal on a long morning walk with the dogs.

Oh this is just delicious.
Instagram just sent me a spam email because I’ve been away for so long. The email also included a “You have 1 like.” line to entice me to check who graced one of my photos with social affirmation.

Bijou is such a very good girl.
She just let me scale her upper jaw’s teeth without even so much as flinching. We’ve been using a toothpaste/balm after each evening’s tooth cleaning and it really helped soften the calcular deposits.

What an amazing capture by photographer Dick van Duijn.
That’s either the product of a lot of time and patience, or incredible luck, or both.

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