Turns out, Chuck the coworking space dog is a very patient photo subject. This anthropomorphization par excellence, I know, but he looks so pensive in these pictures.


This is how I started into my day after a night at a trekking camp. Slept quite well in the tent, despite hunting going on in the area and moderately heavy rainfall. Still, good coffee is important and I’m happy that I didn’t sell the AeroPress two years ago.

This is Chuck, the Frenchie of the owner of the ZWO65 coworking space I‘m at, signaling me to put down everything and play fetch.

From today’s short hike. Bees collecting food on thistles. 📷🐝

Once aspect I enjoy about today’s cycling culture in general and gravel cycling in particular, is the almost universal acceptance, nay, encouragement to wear ridiculously loud socks. These aren’t even the brightest ones I have. 😜🤘🏻🚴🏻‍♂️

I absolutely love the region I live in. These kinds of views never get old.

I’m very happy about the rain we had over the last two days and the fact that it cooled down to bearable temperatures. 6A3E07CE-E92D-4BDA-930E-A26024295E01.jpg

We have a houseguest at the moment: my parents’ dog Lacey. Seen here wearing the new harness we bought her. I think it suits her very well. 5CE8ECB4-86ED-46BA-A607-7C905091962C.jpg

It’s baaack!
How much I’ve missed this camera. 723055BE-0634-494E-B52F-FD0CCA99DC37.jpg

Essentially a whisky run

This ride turned out harder than expected but it was still fun for a number of reasons:
1. My stamina is improving. Not only did I survive an unplanned and slightly sketchy climb on a largely unused fire road after I took a wrong turn, I later also managed to hold a 46+13 gearing and ~ 89 rpm on a flat paved road with a headwind for 8 km.
2. Planning the trip, Komoot added two pieces of trail to the ride that I didn’t know about. One really nice and flowy part of forest singletrack and one ascent that I always wondered about when taking my regular route through the Mattheiser Wald; it looked too overgrown to ride on my gravel bike but is actually an almost mellow ascent but for the loose gravel.
3. One of my goals was to buy a bottle of whisky because I’ve been out of that particular one for a while. I managed to snag a bottle, so carrying my insanely heavy lock with me for this tour was worth it after all.
4. Still not happy with the way I carry my Fujifilm X70 with me on rides but very much happy I brought it. The photo files are so much more flexible than what my iPhone offers, even when shooting RAW.

Lunch break at the former Landesgartenschaugelände in Trier. 55D5BF51-2FC4-4B00-8C97-47121D20D3B3.jpg

Bicycle vanity (or: the 90s want their anodised parts back)

I think my gravel bike is finally complete. I had a perfectly good stem and stem cap on the bike before but for some reason I didn’t like the diameter of the stem tube in relation to the diameter of the seat post. It didn’t look right. So… I replaced it with the “Tune Geiles Teil 4.0” stem and a CNC-machined Tune stem cap that matches the colour of the Chris King headset quite well.

Super bling Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 and a red CNC-machined Tune stem cap

I think I’ve gone a little bit crazy with the red anodized parts on this bike but then again, I love how it looks and if I’m perfectly honest, yes, the bike has to ride well but I also have to like looking at it.

All while installing these parts and doing a few other bits of maintenance on the bike, I couldn’t get this song out of my head. 🎶 🚵‍♂️