I laughed so hard at this, it devolved into a coughing fit. Beautifully absurd: twitter.com/keithedwa…

One of the best features of iPhones 7 and later is the waterproofing. The option to simply wash it carefully when it gets dirty or sweaty is very useful.

Spent my first night properly camping in many years. It was nice to see that the lack of certain amenities still doesn’t bother me at all.
I did realise once again, though, that the importance of good coffee cannot be overstated.

Letting the day wind down re-watching “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” for what feels like the umpteenth time. This movie is so.damn.good. It’s part of my comfort food stories now.

I finally convinced myself to upgrade to a new handlebar on Battle Cat, my gravel bike. After a bit of research, I opted for the @salsacycles Cowchipper in carbon and 440 mm. New handlebar tape and cable housings are also on their way. Excited to try all of it.

BTW, I’m drinking the whisky while watching Netflix’s She-Ra and this feels very right.

Hard to imagine but Balvenie Caribbean Cask gets even better with a few drops of cold, clean water in the glass. Didn’t think that was possible. 🥃

Loaded some new audiobooks onto the iPhone and now I cant decide which one to listen to first.

Juhu! Die ersten neuen Ernten diverser in Europa angebauter Apfelsorten trudeln ein.
Ich finde es zunehmend schlimm so viel Obst und Gemüse aus Übersee in Supermärkten zu sehen und versuche tunlichst nichts davon zu kaufen.

From today’s short hike. Bees collecting food on thistles. 📷🐝