Quick review: Topeak ROADIE DA G and 700×40c tyres

In your typical cyclist’s quest to simplify my setup and reduce the things that I carry on rides, I went out to look for a compact, pocketable pump with an integrated pressure gauge. There are a number of options, but none of them have had particularly good reviews – at least not judging by what I was able to find. Most annoyingly, very few reviews even consider the accuracy of the integrated gauge, stating that it’s good enough for (off-)road side repairs.

The Topeak ROADIE DA G is a fairly recent release and being happy with a few other of their products, I decided to give it a go.


The pump pushes air into the tyre when pushing and pulling on the barrel, which, theortically should help fill the tyre more quickly. The barrel is made out of aluminium, other parts of the pump are made from shock-resistant plastic. Being a road bike pump, it’s equipped with a Presta valve head.


I’ve used this pump fairly extensively at this point and all things considered, it’s a good pump. It’s compact, doesn’t stick out of a jersey pocket too far and even fits into some saddle bags. The included bottlge cage mount is solid and has held up across a number of hard gravel rides already.

I was very happy to find that the pressure gauge is quite accurate. Comparing it with a dedicated digital gauge and the gauge in my floor pump, it yielded almost identical results when I aimed to hit 𝑥.0 Bar or 𝑥.𝑥 Bar on the gauge. This allowes me to much more accurately and quickly get my tyres up to the desired pressure than doing the “pump, pump, pump, detach pump, attach gauge, check pressure, detach gauge, pump some more, check again” spiel.

One thing I consider a downside is the pump’s barrel getting very hot when reaching pressures of 3.2 Bar and up. I’m guessing it’s fine when you’re wearing gloves but more than a couple of times when nearing 4 Bar, I had to stop pumping to let the barrel cool down a bit.

Suitability for 700×40c tyres

The bigger issue from my perspective is the suitability for tyres typically used on gravel bikes. Both my bikes use 700×40c and I tend to vary the pressure depending on the terrain I ride on. Getting this kind of pneu to a pressure beyond 3.5 Bar is hard work and both the pump and I struggle with it.

This issue isn’t limited to the ROADIE DA G, however. Right now, most manufacturers of pumps distinguish between high-volume pumps for mountain bike tyres, and high-pressure pumps for road bikes. Tyres for gravel bikes/adventure bikes/bicycle touring fall somewhere in between and I haven’t yet seen any pump that delivers good results for 700×36c–700×50c tyres.

So it looks like I’m going to reactivate my AeroPress for upcoming camping trips. Does anyone have recommendations for use and process while on the go?

“Thor: Ragnarok” is such a great movie. I just stumbled across a GIF from the arena scene and immediately want to watch it again.

Simon and James of GCN attempt to burn 10,000 calories in one ride

This feat by Simon and James of GCN is truly something. About two weeks ago I did my hardest ride, yet, burning 4,200+ calories in the process. I was wiped out after and it took three days for my legs to properly recover.

Strava map of gravel ride on 10 August 2019

Dear mosquitoes,
Thank you so much for reminding me just how annoying a sting to the earlobe is. It’s been itchy all day.

holyshitholyshitholyshit, a new trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” dropped and I’m having serious trouble containing my excitement for this movie.

I laughed so hard at this, it devolved into a coughing fit. Beautifully absurd: twitter.com/keithedwa…

One of the best features of iPhones 7 and later is the waterproofing. The option to simply wash it carefully when it gets dirty or sweaty is very useful.

Spent my first night properly camping in many years. It was nice to see that the lack of certain amenities still doesn’t bother me at all.
I did realise once again, though, that the importance of good coffee cannot be overstated.

Letting the day wind down re-watching “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” for what feels like the umpteenth time. This movie is so.damn.good. It’s part of my comfort food stories now.

I finally convinced myself to upgrade to a new handlebar on Battle Cat, my gravel bike. After a bit of research, I opted for the @salsacycles Cowchipper in carbon and 440 mm. New handlebar tape and cable housings are also on their way. Excited to try all of it.

Recognising and preventing right wing radicalization of young white boys on the internet

My friend Nik retweeted this Twitter thread by Joanna Schroeder a couple of days ago and it stuck with me. A more or less coordinated but definitely intense campaign has been going on online for a number of years now that primes young males to fall for and consider right wing, fascist, hateful ideologies and the groups that propagate them their only safe haven, the only place that understands them. This exploits a pervasive culture of toxic masculinity and preys on young males in their fragile emotional states, driven by their craving for recognition and acceptance.

The thread explores a number of avenues are used by hate groups and right wing radicals and proposes a few ways to combat this. Please read it and if you’re inclined follow the various links to similar research and journalistic coverage of this radicalization campaign.

I binged the third season of She-Ra yesterday

… and it was one of the best bits of TV I watched recently. Noelle Stevenson, together with Dreamworks and Netflix, have created something really special.All of the characters have depth, clear motivations, and agency and you don't see any of the typical tropes you'd expect in popular animated shows or shows that appear to be aimed at kids/teens on the surface.

Promotional poster for the third season of She-Ra by Dreamworks and Netflix

All storylines from season two have an impact on the new season and the themes of friendship and betrayal, duty and perceived destiny, self-esteem and the need to belong, carry over and continue to inform the actions of the characters.Even with this heavy focus on the characters and their relationships, each episode moves the main storyline forward, towards a clear confrontation with high stakes at the end.

I don't feel like I even need to say much about the animation style and quality; it's that good.

This was an absolute delight and I can't recommend this reimagination of She-Ra highly enough. Without spoiling anything, the last episode opens up the universe of the series and I already look forward to season four.

BTW, I’m drinking the whisky while watching Netflix’s She-Ra and this feels very right.

Hard to imagine but Balvenie Caribbean Cask gets even better with a few drops of cold, clean water in the glass. Didn’t think that was possible. 🥃

Loaded some new audiobooks onto the iPhone and now I cant decide which one to listen to first.

Juhu! Die ersten neuen Ernten diverser in Europa angebauter Apfelsorten trudeln ein.
Ich finde es zunehmend schlimm so viel Obst und Gemüse aus Übersee in Supermärkten zu sehen und versuche tunlichst nichts davon zu kaufen.

From today’s short hike. Bees collecting food on thistles. 📷🐝

Relistening to episode 4117 of The Bugle, because it was so damn funny. Would’ve loved to witness this one live. Andy Zaltzman’s guests this week were Aditi Mittal and Nish Kumar.

Ich sitze im Jahreszeiten auf dem Petrisberg in Trier und da unten in der Konzertmuschel ist eine kleine Band und eine Gruppe seltsam gekleideter Personen. Die singen irgendwas von Blut trinken und Auferstehung. Also entweder Christen oder Vampire.

This was a fun Saturday:
Slept in, had a nice breakfast out, bought some camping gear for a few upcoming trips, had tasty dinner, and spent almost two hours doing maintenance on my two bicycles including swapping tyres front to back/back to front on Battle Cat, the gravel bike.

Such a great track:
Blackway & Black Caviar — What’s Up Danger

Once aspect I enjoy about today’s cycling culture in general and gravel cycling in particular, is the almost universal acceptance, nay, encouragement to wear ridiculously loud socks. These aren’t even the brightest ones I have. 😜🤘🏻🚴🏻‍♂️

I absolutely love the region I live in. These kinds of views never get old.

It’s hard to overstate how amazing bed linen made from Tencel/Lyocell is to sleep in, especially in the warmer months.